Helping the Industry Understand
The Role of Data Clean Rooms in Marketing & Advertising.

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About the Primer

The marketing industry is confronting growing pressure to embrace new privacy regulations. Additionally, the depreciation of 3rd party cookies and the reduction of tracking are hindering the industry’s ability to target audiences and measure outcomes – factors critical to marketing and advertising success.

Enter data clean rooms. Touted as a practical solution to the increased focus on privacy, data clean rooms offer a privacy-compliant way for marketers, agencies, publishers and platforms to collaborate. However, data clean rooms are a complex topic with major financial and operational implications. To avoid missteps, the industry must share common language and expectations regarding what data clean rooms represent, their use cases, and how to employ their capabilities. That is the goal of this primer.

About Our Consortium

We are a group of marketing leaders who are invested in seeing the marketing industry successfully transition to the new privacy realities. As subject matter experts, we can cut through the jargon to explain data rooms clearly and simply — making it easier for the industry to make necessary changes, while successfully managing marketing and advertising efforts.

Learn More at The Clean Room Primer Road Show

Starting in NYC, the capital of advertising, the Clean Room Primer Road Show will visit 4 cities over the course of Q4 2022. Our stops include: New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. All events will be free courtesy of our group of sponsors.